Vintage Indigo Cushion

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Vintage Indigo Cushion

Hemp and cotton have been grown, harvested, spun, wearved, batiked and dyed by hand in the Vietnam highlands since centuries. The women of Vietnam have produced Indigo to the ancient standards for hundeds of years. This collection is made with all vintage, one of a kind finds. These textiles are becoming harder to find, as commercially printed fabrics are now used more often. We back this rare textile with hand-dyed silk velvet. This collection adds a touch of soul to the fresh and modern home.

All cushions are one of a kind that tell their individual story. This makes the special charm of this exclusive cushion line.

  • 50 x 50 cm
  • Back of handwoven velvet
  • With natural colors colored
  • Handmade and sourced in the highlands of Vietnam
  • Unique treasures with extraordinary character and style
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