AYZIT Oz Tasche Croco

127,90 €*


This handmade leather bag is made of 100% leather and is both comfortable and stylish. It is suitable for everyday use as well as travel. It has a minimal and luxurious style with chain details on the straps. Calfskin looks luxurious and smooth. It offers two separate use options with styling: use at special events or for daily use! For those who are fond of their freedom! Under the bag's cover, there is a magnet that can be used to open and close it.

  • Farbe: Ekru, Schwarz
  • Größe: Dimensions: 11x22x3,5cm
  • Material: Außenseite: 100 % Kalbsleder, Beschläge: Metall, Futter: 100 % Wildleder, Griffe: 100 % Kalbsleder mit Kette
Produktnummer: SW12611